We love being creative
and expressing Urban Art in its many forms.

Specializing in all areas of architectural detail, our portfolio spans a variety of work including: Sculptural, Public & Water Art, Railings, Architectural metal projects. Mesh storage lockers and Bicycle storage solutions have been added to our products offered.

UAMW provides to all levels of clients from Hi-rise Developers, Commercial, Architects,Landscape design to Residential clients.  

As most of our projects are custom, we work closely with clients and designers making to ensure the creative road from concept to creation seamless.  

Once put into production, our team of skilled artisans build your project to the highest standards. Our teams are both experienced and passionate about their trades.

PRoducts & Services

-Sculptural & Public Art- Bronze, Stainless & Carbon Steel
-Architectural Misc. Metal projects
-SS and or Glass railings, Windscreens
-Green Walls: Artificial or Living
-Water Art & Bubble feature walls

-Custom fabrication, shearing, bending and punching
-Competitive Laser & Water jet cutting 
-Powder coating: call for a quote
-Bicycle storage solutions; wall/floor mount, 2up parking
-Mobile cleaning and refinishing stainless steel railings

Accenting the above possibilities, we also Manufacture in Stainless Steel:

-Hot tub or Cold plunge Spas
-Stainless Steel Indoor /Outdoor Water Art. 
-Stainless Steel full size pools, fully tiles and ready to crane into place                    *Noting*

Our smaller Water Features designs incorporate a fully self-contained mechanical system.
While the reflection pools, with overflow edges require only a small mechanical space for pumps, UV systems and transformers.
These varying designs make it possible to ship them to any residential or commercial location in Canada.
Our installation team will fly, setup/ install and start-up the feature. Onsite welding & installation is available for larger multiple piece features if required.
DIY projects using our small features, can be shipped with simple setup instructions.